Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Victims of Power Caste

The YSR led Congress government would hugely undermine the efforts of the Naidu regime to project Andhra Pradesh as an IT destination if it does not sort out the aggravating power situation in the state. The government is sending out all the wrong signals by including the IT and ITES companies in its ambit for power cuts.

Agreed that the populist measure of the government to grant free power to the farmers is an early bet to secure a victory in the next general elections. However, with the current power situation in the state, neither the farmers not the showcase IT industry is happy.

The government must also include the core city in its load shedding schedule rather than excluding it from power cuts. What is the motive behind subjecting the IT and the ITES companies and the entire Ranga Reddy district to power cuts?

Are the residents of Ranga Reddy districts sons and daughters of a lesser God?

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Resolving PDF Problems!

You need to send that PDF file by close of business to your product manager/SME and the file won't just print. What do you do?

Listed here is a set of common PDF issues and solutions:

Pain: When you right-click a Microsoft Office file to convert to Adobe PDF, the application returns the message, "Missing PDFMaker files," and does not create an Adobe PDF file.

Solution: Remove Adobe PDF from the Disabled Items list in the Microsoft Office application.
To manage your Disabled Items list in a Microsoft Office application:
1. Open the Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, Publisher).
2. Choose Help > About [the application name].
3. Click Disabled Items.
4. Select Adobe PDF from the list, and clickEnable.
5. Quit the Microsoft Office application, and then restart it.

If the error message continues to appear after you enable Adobe PDF, then check the security level for macros in Word:
1. Choose Tools > Macro > Security.
2. In the Security dialog, click the Security tab.
3. Choose Medium or High.
4. Do one of the following:
-- If you chose Medium, then click OK.
-- If you chose High, then continue with steps 5 through 7.
5. Click the Trusted Publishers tab.
6. Check Trust all installed add-ins and templates.
7. Click OK.

PDFMaker and the right-click context menu should function again.

For more, see http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/microsites/microsite.do

Pain: Images look fine in MS Word, but after converting to PDF, image quality is poor.

Solution: Save your image in JPG or TIFF format and embed the image into your Word document to publish using Adobe PDF printer. PNGs are not suitable for word to PDF conversion, TIFFS work much better. Use high quality print setting while converting to PDF. Also, standardize the resolution settings of your desktop (1024*768) and the DPI setting in your screen capture software.

Watch this space for more!

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